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Do You Know Wine?

Miscellaneous facts and wine trivia You may think you know wine, but there‚Äôs always more to learn. Here are some wine facts and did-you-knows guaranteed to impress your fellow wine lovers: In 1801, Thomas Jefferson spent 12% of his $25,000 Presidential salary on wine. There are over 5,000 wine grape…

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Are Italian wines the best food wines?

Lettie Teague explores the very real possibility that Italian wines may be the best food wines in the world. She highlights Pietrantonj Montepulciano-and for good reason! The World’s Best Food Wines With their bright acidity and tantalizing bitter edge, Italian wines are magnifico with meals. The Montepulciano grape is one…

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Is Corsica French?

by Kermit Lynch We Americans were the property of the English before our Revolutionary War, and we properly make a big deal of all that. But what if you were Corsican? You would have been invaded, conquered, and/or occupied by the Carthaginians, Greeks, Etruscans, Romans, Vandals, Goths, Saracens, Genoese, and…

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