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Kaltern Caldaro

The wine village of Kaltern lies 15 kilometres south of Bozen, above Lake Kaltern, the warmest lake in the Alps. Wine-growing around Lake Kaltern is structured on an extremely small scale. Producer co-operatives offer farmers access to the knowledge of experienced cellar masters, and the use of the technical infrastructures…

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Enotec. 100% Italian.

The story of Enotec Imports began with a philosophy of Earth Friendly Wines. Organic purity. 100% Italian. Earth Friendly Wines = free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers. Grapes hand picked, with minimum handling and filtration. In the cellar, modern and traditional techniques are combined, producing the best possible wines. Enotec…

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Thanksgiving. What are you drinking?

Thanksgiving can be one of the greatest wine and food pairing opportunities of the year, as the diversity of flavors and textures all on one plate allow for countless successful selections. We at Winegardner’s are not telling you that the following wines are what you should drink alongside your turkey…

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Happy Halloween! The Prisoner 2013 is here...

The upcoming Halloween holiday brings the release of the new vintage of The Prisoner. We welcome the 2013 vintage and there is plenty in stock – both 750’s and mags. The last 3 vintages of The Prisoner have had some pretty good accolades from the Wine Spectator, and we’re certain…

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Ancient Peaks

If you don’t know about the Ancient Peaks brand, it’s time to start learning. Over-delivering in quality is the hallmark of these wines! One of the owners, Karl Wittstrom, will be in the market this week. Ancient Peaks Winery is a family-owned operation with a single estate vineyard. Their Margarita…

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Éric Chevalier

Chevalier in French means knight. Deriving, from cheval, meaning horse; chevalier, then becoming one who works with horses. At one point his descendants must have been horsemen or just done something pretty fantastic for someone in the nobility. Éric Chevalier is a rising star in the Nantais of the Loire…

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True test of a Burgundy lover?

Check out this great read from Gargantuan Wine.

La vie en Rosé

Quand il me prend dans tes bras Il me parle tout bas Je vois la vie en rose There is something about rose in the summer time that makes me think about love. I first fell for Rosé in the summer of 2004. I was alone in Paris, in July.…

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Kurt's Pick

Strangely enough, Kermit Lynch came upon the Meyer-Fonné wines for the first time at his home down in Provence.   He was tasting with Daniel Ravier, the winemaker at Domaine Tempier, and the two were blown away at the first, dazzling sip; now that we’ve all gotten to know the domaine,…

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"Katherine says..."

Melville Pinot Noir 2010, from the St. Rita Hills out in Santa Barbara CA is anything but the typical Pinot Noir.  While the goal of a wine is often to excel within a certain boundary, typicity of a varietal, making it better, this wine is something different . Melville Pinot…

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