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Dear Wine Amateur,

Kermit Lynch was awarded the highest non -military honor by the French government several years ago. Instead of being presented with the Legion of Honor in Paris surrounded by ex perfume models and Jacque Chirac’s body guards he chose to accept the award at a ceremony in San Francisco so he could invite the people on the street who helped make his wine import business a success.

Melinda and I were fortunate to attend, where we listened to the National Anthem presented by an accordion musician and Le Marseillaise played on a harmonica. Alice Waters presented desert: a plate of perfectly ripened strawberries. We capped off the evening by listening to Boz Skaggs, Kermit’s friend and music advisor. Thank you for a memorable evening Kermit Lynch and thank you to all of you who support our efforts in marketing his wine.

This reminds me of a wing at the nation’s capitol building where there are about 100 giant statues of famous Americans. Each state was allowed to make two selections. You will see statues of such luminaries as Ronald Reagan and Ulysses Grant. Our state proudly honors Jeanette Rankin and Charlie Russell. Could we be more French in our priorities than we care to admit?

Where am I going with this digression? Bruce Neyers invited me to join him for a tour de Kermit Lynch off the beaten path wine domains in all the major wine regions in France. I leave tomorrow!

My plan is to draft like a cyclist behind Bruce, nod my head in agreement unless I am asked to pay for dinner and know bonjour is for the daytime and bonsoir occurs at night.

I once tried to order a Kir (cassis vin blanc aperitif) in a bar at bonsoir time and was refused because Kir is only served before dinner. I also ordered tete de veau at the Lipp Brasserie in Paris and had to drink a quart of expensive water to swallow my dinner. It’s true. Melinda barely noticed because she was too busy discreetly staring at Lauren Bacall.

I digress.

Hope you enjoy my travel blogging from France. Remember to tell me you hit the unsubscribe button before we make our christmas cookies.


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