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Is it possible Emily Dickenson has been reincarnated as a wine reviewer quietly working for a retail shop somewhere in Montana? The owner for the store in question was out for the day and I was hurriedly leaving to see other VIP’s when I noticed a young lady peering with interest at my wine bag. I left her with a couple of samples and asked her to send me her impressions. Thank you, Katherine from the Panhandler.

Below is what she wrote:

I just tried the Broadbent Vinho Verde and surprisingly frizzante.

The Broadbent Vinho Verde opened with crisp green apple pear, and green lawn grass notes.  It was full of mouthwatering guava and tropical melon flavors, hints of honeysuckle and unripe peaches. This wine is the cool spray of the ocean as it caresses one’s cheeks as they stand atop rock cliff after the waves break below. It is a breath of fresh life.

Broadbent Vinho Verde n/v

Suggested Retail: $9.75

Eric Kent Chardonnay  was an amazing array of citrus. It was a stunning array of lemon and citron, and lemon zest, surrounding green slowly ripening pears with hints of minerality and vanilla. This Chardonnay had layers of zest, lemon and buttery warmth, and was almost a layer cake of it, the lemon biting across the palate. The Eric Kent Chardonnay is interesting in the way a discordant abstract painting is interesting, with a power to it that’s reminiscent of falling on one’s behind while ice skating.

Erik Kent Chardonnay Russian River 2010

Suggested retail 44.00

The Eric Kent Syrah  was young, and introspective. It begins with dark, low hanging fruit, almost dusky, and opens up in such a way that one might be standing in a forest at dawn as the light pours through the trees illuminating it’s highlights. There were aromas of that dark fruits, savory herbal notes of sage, thyme and bark. As it warms in the glass, the Syrah becomes welcoming plum flesh, vanilla, and tingling whispers of tart raspberries picked just a day early before ripening.

Eric Kent Kalen’s Big Boy Syrah Sonoma Coast 2009

Suggested Retail: 45.00


Santa Lucia Alba Rara

The Alba Rara, was a surprisingly full, buttery blast of lemon citrus and grapefruit over white stone and edges of minerality. It almost seemed like a warm beach, with pineapple flavored waves. The finish is what really struck me. I’m not a fan of super-fruity whites, but this had an element that I still cannot put my finger on. The finish was a brilliant surprise of just the right balance of citrus and butter, ebbing like a slow tied exiting the shore to reveal its surprises.

Tardieu Laurent Gigondas 2010

I started with the Gigondas, Cote Du Rhone, and it was beautifully deceptive in all the most pleasant ways. The CDR opened with aromas of mellow plum flesh, and old dried roses. Once it hits the palate, it’s almost an explosion of sparkling red apples, cranberries, and bright raspberries on the cusp of ripeness with the barest of hints of mulling spices. The finish is lasting, a sunset of tang, red fruit, and even hints of honey. This wine is a dual in a garden with red peacocks, if such things could ever exist. It’s the point of the swords, and the ruby gleam off of the peacock’s feathers.

Barboursville Cabernet Franc

I found it to be quite marvelous. It was a lovely wine, full of raspberry, currants, hints of strawberries, plum flesh, cedar bark, with potpourri floral notes and roses. This wine is a ballroom dance on that plantation lit by candles, floor spinning with hoop skirts of holly berry red.

It’s a flowery description, but I believe that each wine depicts an experience, tells a story with each sip.

The Prisoner 2011

The Prisoner was full of plum flesh, sweet juicy dark fruit for which I have no words. This unknown fruit is the forbidden fruit which landed the Prisoner in the chains of spice in the first place, the inexplicable darkness that surrounds the prisoner in the coils of cinnamon and vanilla. There is Christmas peppermint, violet pastille candies, and almost overripe cherry juice followed by tiny biting notes of peppery spices which slowly mellow to an almost nectarine sweetness and sun-warmed rose petals.

Cantina Sociale

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