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Melville Pinot Noir 2010, from the St. Rita Hills out in Santa Barbara CA is anything but the typical Pinot Noir.  While the goal of a wine is often to excel within a certain boundary, typicity of a varietal, making it better, this wine is something different . Melville Pinot Noir 2010 isn’t the dusty, romantic Pinot Noir that most of us have come to know and love, it’s something more exotic.  (At least to me.)  Melville Pinot Noir 2010 is full of spice, orange peel and body, raspberries, light sage, and is deliciously woody without necessarily being a plank of oak.  This particular wood reminds me more of the warm dry scents that pull off rotting wood that’s begun to crumble.  This wine is the red dusty desert and the respite of an orange tree in the center.

Suggested Retail:  $36.00


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