La vie en Rosé

Quand il me prend dans tes bras
Il me parle tout bas
Je vois la vie en rose

There is something about rose in the summer time that makes me think about love. I first fell for Rosé in the summer of 2004. I was alone in Paris, in July. I spent my days wandering the streets, drinking café, nibbling pain au chocolate, writing in a little notebook, and dreaming about all the things that came before me to create such a beautiful place. Being a poor young person, I stayed at a little hostel, and one day ventured out with a group of other travelers for a pique-nique along the banks of the Seine. Our scene was set – a blue bird day, Parisians basking in the sun, a nice spread of baguette, fromage and charcuterie. Yet, there was something missing. All of a sudden I realized there was no wine. Quel Domage!! I whisked away to a little wine shop, and in my somewhat passable French asked the owner for a suggestion for a picnic. He handed me a bottle of Fontsainte Gris de Gris, my first rose. I was hooked with the first pop of the cork. When I found the same wine years later in a wine shop in Montana, I was overjoyed, and now that I can sell, Fontsainte Gris de Gris I feel as though something has come full circle.

Now, every time I open a bottle of rose that Edith Piaf song “La Vie en Rose” plays in my head. You might think I am kooky, and you would be right, but to me rosé is suggestive of lovers. There is some secret pleasure, something that takes your breath away, a kiss on the nape of the neck, a penetrating look across a room, about rosé. There are so many to choose from too, if you want something tall dark and handsome, maybe a bit sérieux, you might try a rosé made of Syrah, or if you just want something quirky and playful, something to put a little zip in your step, a rose of Fie Gris. Whatever personality or rosé you choose, I hope you slip away a little, into that vie en rosé. And if you are anything like me, at the end of the summer you will be longing for a bit more of a love affair, and thinking, please don’t leave me…. – by Rachel Conn, sales Butte/Helena/Great Falls


Vin de Bugey Rosé (N/V) by Patrick Bottex – For those of you looking for something surprising, joyful, and playful. This has ripe berries, bubbles and just enough acid to balance its sweetness. Made from Gamay and Poulsard.


Abbatucci 2013 Faustine Rosé – Cultivated, sleek and with just enough of that mysteriousness to make you want more…Made from the Corsican indeginous varietal Sciacarellu, apricots, candied orange peel and flowers await you.


Vina Zorzal 2012 Rosado – Sweet kisses of raspberry and blood orange anyone? Here is your ticket! 100% Garnacha.


Secateurs 2014 Rosé – Remember your first love, with all its innocence and bitter sweetness, get another taste of it here! A blend of Cinsault, Shiraz and Grenache Noir from South Africa.

Kermit Rosato 12.fh11

Sesti 2013 Rosato – For someone who loves the intellectual type. Let’s just say that if this wine was a man or a women, they would look really sexy in glasses, and you would find them reading in a café, and be just as excited about what they were reading as their look. 100% Sangiovese, and with all the same dryness, but with something so lively I can’t quiet put my finger on, apparently more investigation is needed!

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