Grant McWilliams

Grant was born in a small town in northwest Montana and moved to Bozeman as a child. His love for wine began in the kitchen, where he started creating recipes when he was six years old. By the time he was in high school, he was working in the restaurant industry. Grant worked in multiple catering businesses and restaurants. Along his journey through kitchens and restaurants, he also developed his love for wine. He realized how much wine could change the dining experience, and it gradually became the more important part for him.

Grant is always excited to try new wines: new regions, new producers, and new styles. Personally though, he leans strongly toward Old World wines and is a sucker for Alsatian or Piedmont wines.

Today he enjoys entertaining and actually having time to cook what he wants for other people. He loves to read and enjoys outdoor activities. After working for Winegardner’s in Billings, he transferred to Bozeman to be back in his hometown.

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