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Italy: In ancient times the Italian peninsula was commonly referred to as enotria or “land of wine” because of its rich diversity of grape varieties and the many acres dedicated to cultivated vines.

It is no wonder that Italy and France place 1st and 2nd in wine production year after year. This week we are excited to introduce some new wines and some old favorites from Italy.

Gambellara Soave I Basalti 2014
– 100% Garganega. Veneto, Italy. The color is a brilliant straw yellow with a fresh fruit perfumes, especially apple and pear, and floral notes such as elder and bloom. The taste is very fresh and light, with a very interesting acidity. There is an important presence of mineral salts due to the volcanic origin of the soil.

Tintero Langhe Arneis 2014 – 100% Arneis. Piedmonte, Italy. Soft, juicy, ripe pears and limestone minerals draw you in from the first sniff. Great aromatics, a seductive mid-palate, and a lively finish that lingers on, and on. Refreshing!

Fatalone ‘Spinomarino’ Bianco 2013 – 100% Greco. Apulia, Italy. The Spinomarino is the only white wine of this estate and comes from just one half hectare of 20 year old Greco vines. The wine then undergoes natural fermentation but does not go through malolactic fermentation in order to retain the incredible minerality the area provides its wines with. The result is a beautifully textured wine with scents and flavors of flowers, green apple, exotic fruits, and honey. Pronounced minerality lingers on the finish of this extremely fresh white, lending itself to pair ideally with many foods.

Basia Vatenesi “La Botte Piena” 2013 – mostly Groppello. Lombardy, Italy. The indigenous Groppello grape takes center stage in “La Botte Piena,” a light-bodied red that falls into the Valtènesi DOC. This straightforward, pleasure-filled wine is a testament to the potential of this unheralded region.

Principiano Ferdinando ‘Dosset’ Dolcetto 2014 – 100% Dolcetto. Piedmonte, Italy. The Dosset takes its name from the old local dialect of the grape that rests in the bottle: Dolcetto. It is made without the use of any sulfites, and meant for easy and everyday consumption, however the quality and style is unlike any ‘typical’ able wine. Low in alcohol, and remarkably fragrant on the nose, the Dosset showcases a light and dainty style of the grape while still being complex with nuanced fruit.

Benevelli Piero Dolcetto d”Alba 2013 – 100% Dolcetto. Piedmonte, Italy. This wine shows character, soul, and originality. A true Piemontese delight—classic and full of pleasure.

Fantino Rosso Dei Dardi 2013 – 100% Nebbiolo. Piedmonte, Italy. The Fantino brothers produce this wine from the younger vine Nebbiolo planted on a west facing slope. It is a playful, fruit-driven wine, fresh and aromatic.

Giamello Langhe Nebbiolo “Villa Gentiana” 2013 – 100% Nebbiolo. Piedmonte, Italy. You may not find many Nebbiolos as unpretentious as this one. Brickish in color, this lovely version emphasizes the floral components of the grape, with the tar, smoke, and earth lingering in the background.

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