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This week we are featuring the new Turkish wines that we have recently added to our portfolio. We have partnered with VinoRai, a fine wine importer that focuses on emerging wine regions. They have carefully selected the producers and the wines, and represent a wide range of varietals from different parts of Turkey.

Wine historians and ampelographers believe that the southeast part of Turkey was the origin of grape domestication, dating back to 9,000 BC. They rank 6th in the world in total grape production and Turkey has the 4th largest vineyard area in the world after Spain, France and Italy.

Turkey’s wine growing regions are at the same latitude as Napa Valley. Turkey has more than 800 genetically different indigenous varietals, although much of the production is focused on five main varietals. Click here to read more about Turkish varietals! (and hear the pronunciation too!)

Today, Turkey is experiencing a wine renaissance with rising quality, production capacity and export capability. We’re excited to bring these wines to you in Montana! The four wines below are just a portion of our Turkish wine selection, talk to your rep for more information.

2013 Turasan Emir (eh-MEER)
The Emir grape only grows in one place in the world – Cappadocia, Turkey The Turasan winery is located in the heart of Cappadocia giving it a natural advantage in producing the freshest and finest Emir. It is often compared to Torrontes and has been grown and made into wine since the Hittite era (1700 BC).

Emir thrives in Cappadocia’s volcanic soils and benefits from its unique micro-climate: high altitude, hot days and cool nights. The nose has notes of citrus peel and white flowers along with pears and fennel pollen. On the palate it comes across as balanced, bright and lively with refreshing floral and Meyer lemon flavors and ending with a mineral note that is rounded out from the sur-lies aging.

Great with seafood, cheese, grilled chicken, salads, appetizers.

2013 Turasan Kalecik Karasi (Kah-le-djic Car-ah-ser)
Kalecik Karasi is a blue-black grape indigenous to Turkey and known for producing fruity wines with low to medium tannins and bright acidity.

Cappadocia is located on high altitude with limited water supply allowing the grapes to take longer in reaching maturity thereby making the aromas of red fruit, raspberry, red currant and cherry all the more intense and vibrant.

Great with roast chicken, grilled beef, veal.

2012 Diren Öküzgözü (Oh-cooz-goe-zue)
The 2012 Öküzgözü incorporates Cabernet Sauvignon but mostly highlights the native mid-eastern Anatolian grape – Öküzgözü. This grape typically produces medium-bodied wines with ripe fruit and spice flavors with plenty of acidity. This wine is lively and structured and due to its forward character can be enjoyed year round.

Great with lamb, rabbit, poultry and cheese.

Diren Karmena Red 2011
2011 Karmena Red is a blend of 5 grapes (indigenous and international). Öküzgözü grape lays a framework of luscious red fruits in the wine, with Bogazkere (bow-aahs-KEER-ee) providing tannin and backbone.

To these they add Cabernet Sauvignon for its body, Syrah for its spiciness, and round it out with Merlot for its supple character. This wine is balanced and simply delicious.

Excellent with grilled meat,vegetables, and cheese

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